The Art of Being Nothing

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka during the composition of the opera “Ruslan and Ludmila” (1887)

We are used to being lazy and stupid, our little heart says “Let that bastard work according to his function as a dirty human”. There are times when existence is no longer needed by humans, sometimes humans forget how it feels to be grateful and ask God for forgiveness, unless u’re an atheist.

One of the philosophers who discusses existentialism further is Jean Paul Sartre, a freedom fighter, atheist, communist and of course a humanist. According to him, the essence of Man cannot be explained by abstraction in the human mind. For example, when we look at a calculating tool called a calculator. We can directly project this object based on its origin and function. In Sartre’s view, this cannot be done to humans. Sartre argues that humans must have existence before having essence, not the other way around

This is interesting. Various world civilizations starting from Sumer to modern times seem very autistic and problematic. So many human problems, you and I are one of the billions of problems created by a locked encryption, requiring a password to open it. We look up at the sky while asking “Can God?”, God often smiles of course.

Humans often fall into a temperamental mindset, are weak, uncivilized, and often kill each other. What does ‘homo sapiens’ actually mean? when we compete with various other homos until there is only a single homo. Thank you for the universe, we have become naive and never think human beings.

Humanism is The Answer?

I am a human, just like what you crave. We can be skillful and soft-hearted if it is based on humanism. The theory of Humanism according to the old Abraham Maslow, humanism is very concerned about the human dimension in dealing with the environment humanely with an emphasis on individual freedom to express opinions and make choices, values, responsibilities, goals and meanings.

Maslow assumes that a person will feel deep happiness when he reaches the level of self-actualization. Maslow gave birth to a theory in his humanism, namely the theory of motivation called the hierarchy of need, namely the theory of human needs which is arranged in stages. When man is at the lowest level, he will perfect all the basic levels of himself.

The real emphasis of humans lies not on what is achieved, but on what humans realize. We are sometimes amused by that turning point. What is the meaning of the universe compared to the sense of justice in our country? We have played a role in our hypocritical and weak selves.

In fact, what is desired is a despicable and unskillful motivation. Sometimes I laugh with myself, Karl Marx is right in all his theories about humanism and the humanist thinking of various other figures. Nothingness is the essence of revolution and nothingness is absolute for humans, feeling alone and weak is what I am. The weak human is me. Living in people’s exile, moral exile, and ethical terrorism. We play on top of that. This bullshit won’t stop until the humans themselves act.

Only God can carve a long history, 3 ways to convey the message are:

  1. Be a good version of you, not hypocritical, and not discouraged
  2. Appreciating the absence of humans themselves is actually the moral basis of humans
  3. Gathering humans into a straight path waiting for the universe to rise




marx — writer who are not talented at writing, but are able to voice what should not be voiced.

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Nabil Rahabibie

Nabil Rahabibie

marx — writer who are not talented at writing, but are able to voice what should not be voiced.

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